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Camilla Lewis

About Me: I studied Fine Art at Central St Martins and then went on to study Interior design at KLC Chelsea Harbour. I have worked in Art galleries and residential interior design practises in Cheshire and the Home Counties.


Art has been an integral part of my life since I was a child. I spent much of my childhood at art galleries and auction houses on the south downs, my parents were avid collectors of beautiful things, which developed my own love of the interesting and unusual. One of my standout moments was a trip to London with my parents to view a Georgia O’Keefe exhibition. This is when I realised the potential art has to alter my perceptions and to colour my mood, that was a turning point for me.


I view art now as the most important tool we have in creating our own spaces. Its highly personal nature is reflective of our own experiences and interests. A well chosen piece has the ability to challenge our perceptions, set the mood of the room or evoke a beautiful memory. 


The most enjoyable part of my job as an art consultant is observing people’s reactions to any given piece, the same painting or sculpture can promote such a mixture of emotions. The nature of this means I’m learning every day, art to me is a conversation waiting to happen.


In my spare time: Generally found in the garden, taking my son horse riding, walking my beautiful Weimaraner and renovating our family home.

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