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Roni Shelby

I have always believed that Art has the potential to elicit such a range of reactions and emotions from the viewer and I have the privilege of witnessing this on a daily basis here at the gallery! That is what I enjoy...seeing someone being drawn to or moved by a piece of work and leaving the gallery as a satisfied customer. There is such an eclectic range at Trent Galleries that there really is something to suit everyone.

My interest in the Arts is a longstanding one, having trained and worked as a professional dancer, choreographer and teacher of Dance and Performing Arts for the last 20 years! For me it felt like a natural progression to move into a job where I could still appreciate the Visual Arts and interact with the general public.

I admire all the artists we represent in terms of their technical ability, dedication to their craft and clarity of artistic vision, but artists that really inspire me would be Philip Gray and Tom Butler.

I look forward to welcoming you to the gallery soon.


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