Newark is steeped in history and culture, which makes it a perfect location for the first gallery we opened. Founded 10 years ago, Trent Galleries Newark is situated in one of the oldest parts of the town.

Newark’s inception possibly dates back to the Roman period, but we know it was named as it is today slightly before 1086. Gradually developed over time around the grand Newark Castle, the town is known most prominently for the events that took place during the English Civil War, when the town was besieged.

Today, Newark tempts visitors to take a trip into the past and explore the wealth of centuries-old architecture it has to offer. We feel truly blessed to be able to offer our original art in such an inspiring location.

Modern and Contemporary Art

Our collection of art has been created by some of the region’s most inspiring and influential artists. Our top artists include Doug Hyde, Rebecca Lardner, Jennifer Hogwood, Sam Ellis, Fabian Perez, Jack Vettrianco, Craig Alan, and Yuvi. Whether you’re searching for urban art or sculptures for sale, we are confident that our displays will feature works to suit your taste.

We’re also proud to offer regular events from featured artists such as Doug Hyde, Sam Ellis, Jennifer Hogwood and John Waterhouse. These exciting events allow artists to showcase their works and discuss them with our customers.

Visit Us Today

If you’re on the hunt for original art, there’s no better place than Trent Galleries Newark. We’re open from Tuesday-Saturday from 9:30am-5:30pm. Our gallery manager, Deborah Gates, will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about our displays. You will find parking at the Castle Car Park, a short distance from the gallery. You can find our other galleries in Oakham, Beverley, and Lincoln.

This gallery offers interest free credit as well as a free UK delivery service for those customers who do not wish to commit to a purchase on the day.