Leo Manelli is an Italian painter renowned for his distinctive and sought-after fusions of traditional and modern artistic styles. Revisiting masterpieces of 19th century art and reinterpreting them for a 21st century audience, he creates work which is characterised by its intricate detail, vibrant colour, unexpected juxtapositions, and the drawing together of people, places and times.

From a young age, Manelli was deeply immersed in the world of art, dedicating countless hours to studying and mastering the techniques of the old masters at the Fine Art Academy in Florence. His early career was in art restoration and this has been a huge factor in his evolution as an artist. As his personal skills evolved and his horizons broadened, he began to develop his playful signature style. His imaginative and engaging blend of homage and modernity resonates uses creativity, wit, and a street-influenced contemporary flair to build an artistic bridge between past and present.

Manelli's work reflects his fervent love for painting as well as his commitment to innovating and crafting artworks that resonate with meaning and beauty. It can now be seen in art galleries and museums all over the word, and he has attracted a loyal base of collectors and art lovers.