Jack Vettriano - Betrayal – No Turning Back image
Jack Vettriano - Betrayal – No Turning Back

Originally created by Jack Vettriano in 2001, this compelling new release which completes the story of ‘Betrayal’ is now available as a stunning limited edition.  The couple’s past is seen in ‘Contemplation of Betrayal’ and  ‘First Kiss’, and ‘No Turning Back’ is the piece which finally seals their traitorous intentions. First shown in New York, it then featured in a major retrospective to mark 20 Years of Vettriano’s career which ran for six months at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow. We are delighted that this much-anticipated piece has now become available and anticipate that it will hit the secondary market at a high price, so we recommend that collectors take the opportunity to buy now at the initial release price.

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